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Scrub Up on Science - Key Stage 3 and 4 Pupils



key stages 3 and 4 Pupils

Scrub Up On Science was primarily created for KS3 and KS4 pupils. It is exciting, practical chemistry for secondary students which links the UK curricula to the techniques and processes of the cosmetics industry. An annual competition complements the resource. 

Chemistry Resources for 11-14 year olds

Chemistry Resources for 14-16 year olds


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There are lots of ways the cosmetics industry can get involved with supporting SUOS and Finals Day.


East London Science School wins 2019 SUOS competition

picture of SUOS 2019 winnersCongratulations to East London Science School on winning the 2019 Scrub Up On Science competition. Year 10’s Team Eclipse investigation of the effervescence of a bathbomb using different amounts of citric acid and bicarbonate of soda, plus their impressive knowledge and understanding of chemistry, saw off stiff competition from the other finalists at London Zoo on 18 June 2019 in the fifth SUOS annual competition. 

Team Eclipse is a group of four enthusiastic students who get together in the school lab at lunchtime. “I think we all have a feeling of relief and enjoyment at the same time,” they said on winning the competition. “It’s proof of our achievement over six months’ effort since our very first bathbomb, which was awful!”

Looking to their futures, Soraya is certain she wants to do something with chemistry, Sofia wants to be a doctor so definitely plans to pursue science and Maisy is considering chemistry as she loves the reactions, while Ahmet is set on becoming a lawyer.

Of course it is crucial to have enthusiastic teachers and it was their teacher Yanni Chatzi and her love of cosmetics and making her own that led them to Scrub Up On Science. “I saw SUOS and thought they would definitely love it,” she said. “We’re going to need to find their successors for next year as they’ll be doing GCSEs."

And of course huge congratulations to all our other finalists. As Robin Parker, former SCS President and architect of SUOS, said: “The judging never gets easier. You’re all winners to have got here.”

Central Lancaster High School
Consett Academy
East London Science School
The National Mathmatics & Science College
Streatham & Clapham High School
Robert Bloomfield Academy


2018 COMPETITION FINALS DAY AT Manchester's museum of science & industry 

picture of SUOS 2018 winnersThe SCS Scrub Up On Science (SUOS) competition is in its fourth year and the standards of creativity and knowledge at this year’s final at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry on 20 June 2018 reassured us that we can indeed feel confident for the future. All six finalist teams produced outstanding bath bombs or bubble baths (or in one case both!) and really made it tough to pick a winner. 

Of course there has to be a winner and it was huge congratulations to Glasgow’s Trinity High School (pictured left with SCS President Grace Abamba) who won with their fabulous Cauldron Bubble Trouble Bath bomb, packed with surprises including green soap and eye balls. The formulating team of three girls – Erin, Nikita and Magda – styled themselves as ‘The Weirdos’ and wore witches hats to work their gender neutral bath bomb magic, enchanting the SCS judges right down to the tea aged worksheets.

Trinity has been an SUOS finalist every year and this is the second time they’ve won the competition. SUOS really has captured the school’s imagination. Originally SUOS resources and the competition were used as part of a science club but now the school has a spin off dedicated cosmetic science club. One teacher at the school makes and sells lipbalm so she’s also been involved. Now, thanks to a bit of funding, enterprising science teacher Lauren Zeb has ordered a soap kit and will be applying for a license so the school can sell soaps. Trinity also keeps bees and Lauren has a honeycomb mould ready to tie the two together!

So what does the winning team think of SUOS? “I think it makes you learn more and actually understand it. You can be creative… it’s not just learning facts.” And where do they see their futures. Erin is adamant she really wants to do something in science, while Nikita is thinking maybe psychology and Magda would like to be a vet.

Our finalists from Hexham Middle School, Plashet School, Portsmouth High School, Sir Jonathan North Community College and Streatham & Clapham High School were all incredibly worthy runners up.

picture of SUOS 2018 finalists



picture of 2017 SUOS winners at DDD  picture of 2017 SUOS winners formulating at DDD

Toiletries manufacturer DDD/Fleet Laboratories hosted an amazing day in their cosmetic labs for our 2017 Scrub Up On Science Competition winners from Plashet School. A fantastic, inspirational day was had by all! Thank you DDD.




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