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Principles & Practice of Cosmetic Science - One Week Course

one-week intensive course

This course is targeted at scientists who have been working in the industry for a few years and are looking to move on to more managerial or supervisory roles, primarily but not exclusively in the scientific functions. The course was formerly run as the Intensive Residential Course, providing an induction for new recruits to the industry, but in response to changing needs, significant changes were made.

Example Programme


The course involves a challenging product development exercise and the lectures are organised to support the exercise effectively. The lectures on any given day will provide information relevant to that evening's work on the exercise. The aim of this is to reinforce the learning process through practical application of the material provided in the lectures. Certain relevant managerial skills, such as team working and project management. are also provided. Our objective is to maximize the learning experience of the participants.

PPCS 2016 Group

The Course runs every two years. The most recent, very successful course took place in 2018 in Bournemouth and is currently under review to bring a fresh, new and exciting course for 2023







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