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International Journal of Cosmetic Science

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How can I access the International Journal of Cosmetic Science?

As part of your SCS membership benefits you have access to the International Journal of Cosmetic Science.

Log into your SCS Member's database profile which will allow instant access to the Journal via a 'Journal' button at the top of your profile page.  Login at or if you have forgotten your password use 


Download the IJCS App on the App Store

Open the App

•         When asked “Do you already have digital access to this journal through your society, institution, work,or personal subscription?” – Select “I already have access”.

•         When asked “How do you get digital access to this journal?” Select “Through my Society affiliation”
•         Then log in by entering your society User name and society password - the details you use when you log into your SCS membership profile (


If you have any questions, please contact the SCS Office at

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