The Society of Cosmetic Scientists promotes education, research and collaboration to advance the science of cosmetics

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Membership of the Society

Membership is open to those applicants who agree with the aims of the Society, have the necessary qualifications and who, in the opinion of Council, are acceptable.


  • To advance the science of cosmetics and toiletries
  • To provide the means for the dissemination and interchange of knowledge pertinent to cosmetic and related sciences
  • To promote high ethical standards in cosmetic science
  • To improve the professional status of members
  • To encourage education and research in cosmetic and related sciences
  • To ensure the long-term viability of the Society
  • To maximise the accessibility of the Society activities and encourage participation throughout the profession

Membership consists of the following grades:

Honorary Member
Fellow Member
Members - A Grade
Members - B Grade

Honorary Member

Upon the recommendation of the Council of the Society, the Society may, by a majority vote in the General Meeting, elect as Honorary Members such persons as may be deemed worthy by virtue of services rendered to the Society or of scientific value in the cosmetic and allied fields. Each Honorary Member shall be entitled to take part in all the Society's activities.



Fellow Membership            £95 (first year £195, includes non-refundable £100 application fee)

Full Membership A & B      £85

Associate / Affiliate            £79

Student  (full time)              £36

Disclaimer – Membership of the Society does not imply an endorsement of the individual or company they work for or its products by the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, nor does it constitute a recommendation.

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