The Society of Cosmetic Scientists promotes education, research and collaboration to advance the science of cosmetics

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Message from the President


picture of Grace Abamba

Grace Abamba – PRESIDENT 2018/2019 

The Society of Cosmetic Scientists is celebrating its 70th anniversary and it is an honour to be president in this exciting year.
We certainly have a busy year ahead!

We have a clear 5 year strategy for keeping the SCS at the forefront of education in the cosmetics industry. Key education initiatives we will be working on this year include:

• Completing the revision and modernisation of the Diploma by Distance Learning
• Creating a new online, pre-diploma, Access to Cosmetic Science Course
• Reviewing the Principles & Practice of Cosmetics Science course and enhancing its offer on the global stage where competition is mounting
• Continuing the great work with Scrub Up On Science and Teach the Teachers and attracting more sponsorship support

Beyond education we plan to increase our presence and effectiveness on social media. Engaging the online community in a way that increases awareness of the SCS Community and allows a healthy exchange of ideas is key to our future growth. 

After extensive revision of the SCS Ops Manual, the next phase is to publish it. This will give new and existing members a much clearer idea of how we function and which committees they might want to get involved with.

We continue our efforts to make the SCS family more welcoming, accessible and relevant to the wider Cosmetics community and ensure that we preserve its core values and aims.

Whether you are experienced scientists, budding entrepreneurs, bloggers, educators, students or academics, we want you to bring your experience and creativity and get involved.

Meanwhile we are drawing closer to the 2022 IFSCC Congress. This will take place in the heart of London and preparations for this continue.

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