SCS - Society of cosmetic scientists

The Society of Cosmetic Scientists
Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. Please complete all required sections of the form. You will be required to provide the details of a referee before you submit the form. The application must be accompanied by the email details of a referee who is a Full SCS Member or a Member of a Society affiliated to the IFSCC. Alternatively, the referee needs to be a professional contact of the applicant.

Once complete, please submit the completed application forwarding a fee appropriate to the category of membership for which you are applying.

To pay by credit card contact the Society of Cosmetic Scientists for information or complete the proforma which can be found on the ‘How to join’ page of the SCS website

Current fees are:
  • Member: £72.00
  • Associate: £66.00
  • Student: £30.00
  • Affiliate: £66.00

To help you decide which category of membership is relevant to your application please refer to the following summary or visit

Member, Category A

A scientific degree plus more than 3 years relevant work experience.

Member, Category B

The SCS Diploma in Cosmetic Science plus more than 3 years relevant work experience. Associate Members will automatically be upgraded to Full Member B after 5 consecutive years in membership.


A scientific degree or the SCS Diploma with less than 3 years relevant work experience; BTEC Higher Certificate, BTEC Higher Diploma or equivalent plus more than 1 year relevant work experience; two GCE science A levels or equivalent plus more than 3 years relevant work experience; two science GCSEs or equivalent plus more than 5 years relevant work experience; or more than 7 years relevant work experience.


Two science GCSEs or equivalent and either enrolled in the SCS Diploma or other science related course leading to associate or full membership, or gaining experience for admission to membership or associate membership.


Those who do not fulfil the above criteria but are involved in the industry.

Please refer any questions to:

Gem Bektas (Secretary General) or Mel Cheekoory (SCS Administrator)
Telephone +44 (0)1582 726661
Fax +44 (0)1582 405217

When your application has been approved, your membership will be instated and confirmed to you in writing.