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picture of woman in labTHURSDAY 10 OCTOBER

Venue National STEM Learning Centre, University of York, Heslington, York, YO10 5DD

Time 12 noon-4pm




Effective formulating guidelines
Norman Lowe (Chemlink)
Synopsis What should be in a brief and what’s needed before any effective formulating can take place, including forward planning. Formulating with simplification in mind; ie making production simpler, reducing energy usage, reducing chemical loading and inventory. Formulating is an art form. Every formulation is a work of art and R&D should not be copying.

picture of Andrea TomlinsonThe Future of Palm in Personal Care 
Andrea Tomlinson (BASF)
Synopsis Palm and palm kernel oil are key feedstock for the personal care industry. We will look at the reasons behind this and the challenges it brings. We will discuss what is being done to protect and maintain our natural resources for the future. 

picture of Steve BartonFormulation dilemmas – Can my ingredient data support my claims?
Steve Barton (Skin Thinking)
Synopsis The title is not a verbatim quote, but pretty much the most common question I get asked by my NPD clients. My most common response is: “It depends on what you want to claim”. I anticipate a sigh as you read that; much like I have seen clients’ eyes roll at my response (thinking to themselves “typical consultant!”). I will explain during this session how framing the right question helps answer many of your formulation dilemmas – frequently without the assistance of a consultant! The format will be interactive, pulling examples from formulations, ingredients and products, to highlight the formulators’ responses and responsibilities when asking “does the data support my claim?”. ‘Caveat emptor’ – buyer beware – is a maxim held for centuries in all commercial fields. You should leave this session more aware of how that applies to the formulator developing cosmetic products.

picture of Caroline RainsfordOutlaws and Outcasts: Ingredient threats in the present and future
Caroline Rainsford (CTPA)
Synopsis The constant evolution of cosmetics legislation with regards to ingredient bans and restrictions can present a key challenge to formulators. This presentation will provide an overview of issues that important cosmetic ingredients are currently facing, and will explore possible future threats to the ingredient palette. We will look at some of the key organisations that highlight chemicals of concern, and their interaction with cosmetic legislation. With this background, you will be better equipped to understand the challenges that might be facing you as a formulator in the future. The presentation will focus on the UK/EU landscape, with some insights from other key global markets. 


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