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Laura Marshall Award for Innovation 2019


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Now in its fifth year, the SCS Laura Marshall Memorial Award for innovation continues to produce some outstanding creations from our Formulate exhibitors. SCS judges have now selected the six 2019 finalists but you’re the ones that get to choose the winner. You can read a little about each entry here here but come and find out more and try out the products at this year’s SCS Formulate on 12-13 November 2019 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. And remember, you can only vote on day 1 of the event as we’ll be announcing the winner at the Annual Dinner on 12 November. Just use the token you’re given at the registration desk to vote for the most innovative product at the finalists’ display.

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Advantage™ Revive polymer is a new, patent-pending solution for dry aerosol shampoos and texturizing formulations. Based on PVP chemistry, this unique technology has been shown to effectively remove oil/sebum from hair while leaving less visual white residue and delivering superior cleaning versus the leading benchmark chemistries. Based on both qualitative and quantitative assessments, Advantage™ Revive polymers maintain a level of shine and colour that is nearly at parity to freshly washed hair, whereas starch-based formulas mute the vibrancy of hair and reduce its overall level of shine and colour by 80%. Dry shampoo is used for a myriad of reasons, but many commercial formulas are based on similar starch-based technologies that consumers often perceive as leaving their hair looking lifeless, dull, and in some cases just as greasy. Advantage™ Revive polymer brings a much-needed refresh to this platform. Applied like a mousse, this rich, creamy dry shampoo foam cleanses the hair without additional water to leave hair looking and feeling clean with enhanced luster. This polymer can also be used to deliver texture and style boosting benefits as it absorbs oil at the root and scalp, giving you next day hair that looks as good as the first day. Advantage™ Revive polymer is flexible and can be used in a variety of formats, such as aerosol sprays (anhydrous and hydro-alcoholic), mousses, pastes and powders.




Sensory Reset Cleanser uses a 100% natural radish pigment, which changes colour from pink to purple upon contact with water in a surfactant system. Previously, it has been difficult to naturally achieve such vivid pink colours without the use of carmine. This pigment (along with five others in the range (derived from sweet potato, elderberry and gardenia) provides an excellent natural alternative to animal derived and synthetic pigments and dyes. The cleanser also contains a fully traceable shea butter, the sales of which support over 230,000 women who are part of the programme in West Africa. The product not only embraces the movement towards natural cosmetic materials and sustainable packaging, but also the health and well-being trend, with a focus on sensory transformations, which are always popular with consumers. The aroma of orange essential oil is traditionally used to relieve anxiety, while the colour, textural and temperature changes that occur when using the Sensory Reset Cleanser allow the consumer to fully immerse themselves in the experience.




Our revolutionary skin cream concept formulation has been developed and designed to help consumers align their personal care purchases with their eco-friendly values. For Goodness... Shake! is the environmentally-friendly, customisable, high-efficacy face cream concept that is fun to shake up at home as required – perfect for today’s conscious consumer. This liquid pouch of innovative ingredients transforms into a luxurious gel cream when shaken with water! It has been developed to reduce plastic waste and transport emissions, and comes in a water-soluble, biodegradable pod. The concentrated cream base is compatible with water soluble films. It creates a rich, stable cream on dilution and simple shaking. The water-soluble pods leave no plastic residues and are completely biodegradable and the cold blended system reduces energy consumption in manufacture. The pods also take up less room for storage, transport and shelf space while the cream container is reusable as consumers simply buy their chosen refill pods. The concept is customisable and fun, satisfying the increasing consumer demand for personalisation and individuality, especially amongst Gen Z. It is also easy to use: leave the pod in the jar; fill with water to the shoulder of the jar; replace the lid firmly; give it a good shake (15-30 seconds); be amazed as the pod dissolves and the liquid transforms into a rich gel cream. So give it go, For Goodness… Shake!




Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of using plastics and are keen to reduce the amount of plastic they use. ‘One Hit Wonder’ has been designed specifically with this in mind. The product is an intensive hand and nail cream in the form of solid single use pastilles. The pastilles are solid at room temperature but melt into the skin to leave it feeling thoroughly nourished. The advantage of a solid pastille means that the product can be packed into kraft paper boxes, which are easily recycled, biodegradable and lightweight to transport. The size of each pastille has been designed to provide the perfect dose of formula needed for one application, eliminating the problems of over dispensing and product becoming trapped in packaging. The formulation has been designed with green credentials in mind: Cosmos certified esters (ethyl oleate; ethyl olivate (&) triheptanoin); Inca Inchi, Meadowfoam and Daikon Radish oils to regenerate, nourish and protect the skin whilst retaining a lightweight and comfortable skin feel; and the anhydrous formulation has been specifically developed with the new ‘waterless beauty’ trend in mind. As the environmental impact of the cosmetics industry becomes clearer, this formulation proves that it is possible to produce excellent, on-trend products and still be environmentally friendly.




Let’s Face It... We need more products that help the planet. Developed out of the need for products that are functional and environmentally friendly, Let’s Face It is an exfoliating and cleansing pad that is reusable, plastic-free, long-lasting and sulphate-free. Based on potato starch and seaweed technology, each multiunctional pad lasts longer than your average bottle of face cleanser. Simply wet your face with a portion of the pad and rub the product in a circular motion until a soft lather is formed. The light exfoliants help remove dead skin and grime built up throughout the day. The product contains: potato starch, carrageenan, sulphate-free surfactants (APGs and soapnut) and natural scrubs (powdered coconut shells and rice grains). Let’s Face It is a highly functional product that helps us lead a more environmentally conscious life. Because the only footprints we should leave behind are the ones left in the sand.




‘One Bar’ is a multiuse cleansing bar for hair and skin care developed in response to the increasing consumer demand for: Sustainability, branded as ‘For the Earth’; and Naturally derived ingredients, branded as ‘From the Earth’.
For the Earth – Within the personal care market, two main sub-trends are emerging: concentrated products (less packaging and more efficient transportation); and zero or recyclable packaging. ‘One Bar’ is a highly concentrated, water-free format. It is designed to be used as an all over cleanser, allowing the consumer to reduce the number of products they buy but also positively contribute to the environment via minimised packaging; it requires approximately 94% less than traditional bottles and each bar replaces around four regular bottles. Best of all, it doesn’t have any plastic packaging – we’ve simply wrapped it in recyclable paper.
From the Earth – The perception that natural ingredients are better for you is not going anywhere. Consumers want it and both formulators and brands must evolve accordingly. ‘One Bar’ is naturally derived and vegan compliant. Several of the ingredients are palm oil derived and RSPO certified. This formulation also contains natural oil Ubuntu Mongongo, which allows communities of rural Africa to earn a life-changing income and also highlights how ‘One Bar’ supports the conservation of biodiversity.

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